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Nail look by Natalya Grudinina


Cognac is an absolute fashion trend colour … but cognac for nails? Yes please! We created a beautiful toned down cognac shade with a splash of gold....

Nail look by Nathalie Gassion


Use the Colour Code Stamping plate to create the Wood Effect!


“All The Leaves Are Brown, And The Sky Is Grey…”

Nail look by Patrizia Lima 


Like an evening orchid which only reveals its delicate perfume in the...


See the light!

Applying nail gel speedily and neatly is one thing. Ensuring that it cures fast and effectively is another. The smart solution created by ProNails is not...

Nail look by Sandrine Roelants


In Japan, the cherry blossom is seen as a symbol of life, love and hope. This silky shiny fuchsia nail colour will make you sparkle, full of life, and...

Nail look by Natalya Grudinina


For imperial style nails you need gold. Oriental yellow gold that shines as bright as the sun!

Beautiful nails for twice as long!

A perfect sheen for up to ten days


Japan today is a land of contrasts: in the timeless elegance of traditional Japanese culture we find a deep sense of well-being, yet Japan is also the land of megacities, futuristic technology, crazy...



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