No celebration without some fun and exciting contests, right?

Grab your chances to win some festive prices: you can win 40 Years T-shirts for your team, you can get featured on our social media pages and you can even win a professional photoshoot and get published in our next Naily News magazine!


Share your best #ProNailsMoment
A brand can exist only if strong people like yourself bring it to life each and every day! We love that your story is a part of our story.

  • What is a ProNails experience that you will never forget?
  • When did ProNails have an important impact on your career?
  • What is the best compliment you’ve ever gotten thanks to ProNails?
  • Why do you choose ProNails above other brands?

Tell us! We’d love to know, because you are a part of 40 Years ProNails too! 

How to participate?

  • Share your personal story on your Instagram or Facebook page using the hashtags #ProNails40years #ProNailsMoment.
  • Tag @pronails_hq and your colleagues. 
  • Also send your story and matching picture to 40years@pronails.com, together with your name, salon name and address. 
  • The contest runs from January 18th until September 1st, 2021.

What can you win?
Every month until September we will pick a winner. The most beautiful #ProNailsMoment will receive a festive & delicious surprise! We will also share the most inspiring stories on social media, our website and in our next Naily News!


























Show us your skills using #ProNailsTalent
Who’s got the skills? Who’s got the creativity? All of you – undoubtedly! 
To show that you are our biggest talent, we want to celebrate 40 years of ProNails with the 40 most beautiful nail looks!

How to participate?
Show us your skills! Create your most beautiful nail look ever, only using ProNails colours and tools, and share your creation on Instagram or Facebook.

  • In the caption, mention the products you’ve used and the hashtags #ProNails40years #PronailsTalent. 
  • Don’t forget to tag @pronails_hq and your colleagues! 
  • Also send the photos in high resolution to 40years@pronails.com together with your name, salon name and address.
  • The contest runs from January 18th until September 1st, 2021.

What can you win?
The winner will be invited for a professional photoshoot in our headquarter in Brasschaat (Belgium). Your creations will get published in our next Naily News!



























How to participate

  • Take some great photos of your salon and employees, all dressed up in 40 Years ProNails marketing tools & goodies.
  • Post the photos on your salon Facebook or Instagram page using #ProNails40years and tag @pronails_hq and your colleagues.
  • Send the photos in high resolution to 40years@pronails.com together with your name, salon name, amount of stylists in your salon and address.
  • The contest runs from February 22nd until September 1st, 2021.

What can you win?
The 40 most fun 40 YEARS PRONAILS salons will be featured on our website, Instagram and Facebook! The 5 most popular entries will receive a ProNails T-shirt worth € 19,95 for each nail stylist.

Give your salon a festive make-over with these marketing tools! 
Your favourite brand turns 40: a great reason to stand in the spotlights! With these new salon marketing tools, you can show your clients proudly that in every jar, every colour and every nail care product in your salon there is 40 years of Belgian expertise, quality and innovation. You can feel and see it each time you visit a ProNails salon! 

Choose as many 40 Years marketing tools as you like to pimp your salon! 












Decorate your inside with

Get dressed in 40 years style

Check this branded stuff

Make new bookings in 40 years style

Salon Planner

This 40 Years ProNails Salon Planner is a must-have for every nail stylist. It has a calendar overview 2021-2025, 4 stylist columns and 30 minute time slots. Besides, the pages are removable and the calendar is undated, so you can choose when to use it.