You, our nail stylists and ambitious entrepreneurs, are what ProNails is all about. We continue to develop our brand for you. Because of you, salon customers return home with a blissful feeling. To inspire you we love to share 2 success stories of professionals like yourself, both of them women who have grown strongly in their beauty business in recent years. #strongwomen

If you look at her Instagram feed, you will see a confident woman who radiates passion and pride for her profession. Beautician Céline (30) stays close to her customers with inspiring quotes and a lot of love for the brands she works with.

ProNails is the partner she strongly prefers for all her nail treatments, manicures, pedicures and training. Who is this strong West Flemish personality behind Beauty Studio Celine Vanheste from Ypres? We invited her to our head office in Belgium. Be inspired by her unique story.

Why did you become a beautician? 

Because it gives me satisfaction when I can take care of others. My caring nature is reflected in this job! From my personal, medical history, I know how important it is to feel good about yourself. When I was barely 3, I had to have a brain tumor removed. I still feel the consequences of that in my daily communication, but that has never stopped me, even though it was challenging at times. It made me realise how looking good and being able to have your nails taken care of can really boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. And that's what I love about it!

Did you choose ProNails for a particular reason?

Definitely! Ever since I was 16, I knew I wanted to work with ProNails. Because of Beauty Institute Hilde Declerck in Torhout I knew I wanted to get into the business. Now, about 10 years later, I am still convinced of that. Not just the quality of the products matters, but also the service and training opportunities, both digitally and on location. I get personal advice when I have questions and the webshop is so easy, I can easily find what I’m looking for. Shared knowledge and motivation is of great importance to me. And ProNails does that very well in my opinion.I also love that they are a one-stop-shop, so that I can go to 1 brand for both hand, foot and nail care. ProNails has all that.

Why do you sell products in your salon?
Hello Covid-19... A complete lockdown, but ProNails kept motivating me. I didn't miss a single Motivational Monday Webinar. I picked up the advice, I could really see the benefits, such as daring to sell products. Why not? I came out of my comfort zone and started experimenting with social media. It boosted sales in my salon, without ever being pushy! Now I even enjoy creating social content! I always start keeping the solution for my customer in mind. If I meet a customer suffering from fungal nails, I don’t send them off to the pharmacy. I make it clear that I also have the appropriate pedicure products. After each treatment, I promote Foot, Hand or Nail Care, so that my customers can enjoy the service a little longer at home. They really feel the difference and so do I, at the next treatment!

What do you and your customers think of the new BFLEX Gels?

I moved from Sopolish to BFLEX for pedicures mostly. It is certainly nice to be able to offer something new! I also have BFLEX on my nails and notice that this gel remains beautiful for a long time, even in my job where I come into contact with a lot of solvents. I will certainly take the E-learning course so that I can make my Natural Nail Treatments even better!

Do you have a favourite ProNails product?

I have several! The Nail Hardener, because of the very strong effect. The Callus Off in combination with the Magic Foot File and Softening Balm is also great! I don't like to use sharp, dangerous blades on calluses.In addition, I get many positive reactions to the delicious White Ginger Hand Cleansing Gels. I keep them on a beautiful display in my salon and they sell like hot cakes.

What good advice do you want to give to every beginning nail stylist?
Invest in good education and keep training! My nail looks have become much more beautiful, refined, and professional. Because of all the training I have already followed at ProNails, I have been able to improve my skills enormously.

On the website of Treasury Antwerp it states: Because you deserve it ... Take time for yourself! Giving a beauty service and making your customers feel better in their own skin, that's what it's all about, right? ManagerVicky (44) and daughterJessica (21) run a successful ProNails Premium Salon in the heart of Antwerp. Both have their own expertise (nails, hair, eyebrows, eyelashes). Since April, Vicky can also call herself the second runner up for Miss Wellness Beauty: she proudly represents the beauty sector!

Why do you choose to work with ProNails ?

Before I took over the business in 2019, I worked with different brands. I thought that was terrible! I wanted to continue with just one brand, my favourite, ProNails, because it is a top brand with products of excellent quality, it’s classy and above all: it’s Belgian.

Do you also sell products and why?

We have our own webshop and since the lockdown it got a boost. We see our online store as an extension of our services. We no longer offer salon services with LongWear nail polish, for example, but since the demand for these remained high, we now sell the lacquers through our webshop. The pedicure products for at-home use are also very popular!

You are present on the booking website Treatwell, is this an added value?

I only recently started doing that again, mainly to promote our barbershop. Because we also mention gel nails, manicures & pedicures, I notice that new bookings are coming in especially for that. That's a bonus! To avoid no-shows, I always ask for a deposit. My customers understand this, they are used to doing this. This way, we as a business owner have a safety net.

Why are both you and your customers so satisfied with the BFLEX Gels?

Because they are so flexible and vegan and contain no harmful ingredients. I always pay close attention to the ecological aspect of all my products. And I always suggest the BFLEX Gels to nailbiters!

What tip would you like to give to a starting stylist?

Never give up! Persevere, even if it doesn't work out well in the beginning. Keep practicing because standing strong and keeping up is the message. You will regret it if you give up. Our job is so beautiful! The social contact, the creations you can make. Being a beautician is really a dream job for me!