Working @ ProNails: life is colourful, people are wonderful

At ProNails we believe all our lives should be full of colour! The jobs we offer are full of life.

  • Do you love hands, nails or fashion? Are you looking for an exciting challenge?
  • Do you want to express your creativity, ideas and spirit for a vibrant international brand?

Then join our group of talented people and shape the future of hand, nail and foot care together with us! 


Are you excited to work for ProNails? Take a look at the vacancies available at our company.

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ProNails is more than a brand.

We are more than just a company.


We strongly believe in the people that work for us. We are a reliable partner.

We strive to bring innovation, with a high level of class and joy.

We are here to help you grow! And make you shine.

Do you want to learn all about ProNails?

Discover how ProNails has established 40 years in the nail, hand & foot care business. 




  • ProNails is an honest and reliable partner of the professional beautician.
  • ProNails offers high quality support and products.
  • ProNails is committed to providing excellent training programs and sharing expertise.
  • ProNails has been the reference in hand, nail and foot care for 40 years. and pronails will continue to do so.



  • ProNails puts its nails in innovation and is constantly looking for exciting innovations in the field of nail care.
  • ProNails brings quality, originality and beauty to the consumer.
  • And ProNails guarantees efficiency, competitiveness and market share to its professional partners.


  • ProNails stands for class.
  • Elegance at any time and on any occasion.
  • At ProNails everything is done in style.
  • With respect for customers, distributors and colleagues.
  • ProNails will continue to surprise - time after time.
  • And ProNails will help and motivate others to do the same.



  • ProNails make people break out of their comfort zone.
  • Do crazy things and have fun with color and nail accessories.
  • ProNails wants people to experience their endless possibilities.
  • And the joy that comes with it.