Ring finger

  • Apply 2 layers of the Supersonic colour and cure each layer.
  • Apply the White Dots On Top matt and cure.
  • With the colour Spritz-It and the colour Red Kite, draw an ombre on the cuticle side using Brush N°7 Pointy. Do not cure this layer yet!
  • Make some foam with our Gentle Hand Soap and water.
  • Pick up the foam with a spatula and put it in the wet ombre layer. This is how it cures.
  • Dab it dry with a cotton pad and you're done.

Other fingers

  • Apply the colour Melon Slush to the cuticle and the free edge using Brush n°10 Punky.
  • Then apply the colour Supersonic in the middle and mix it with the Melon Slush using the Brush n°7 Pointy. Repeat this step until you get the desired result.
  • With the Brush n°7 Pointy, move horizontally across the colour transition to blur it. Then cure.
  • Apply the White Dots On Top and cure.

Products used for this look