Chrome Look

Nail art products

How to get this look

All fingers:

  • Apply one layer of the colour Arctic Cave and cure.
  • Draw a swirly surface on the sides of the nail with the colour Nocturnal Charm and cure.
  • Mix these two colors together and apply this mix next to one of the darker surfaces and cure.
  • Apply the Xtreme Matt Finishing Gel and cure.
  • Draw with the colour Arctic Cave in the middle of the design and cure.
  • Apply some of the Glitter Powder Holographic Effect with the Diamond Silicon Tool only on the surface of the shiny part of the Arctic Cave colour.
  • Apply the Sapphire Gloss/Sopolish Shine on the chrome surface and cure.
  • Finish with a little bit of Structure Base Gel and put some diamonds in this gel and cure after.