Animal print

Nail art products

How to get this look

Thumb, index, middle & little finger:

  • Apply the colour Mystic Mauve on the left half of the nail and the colour Lucid Dream on the right half of the nail.
  • Clean your brush on a tissue or cotton pad and go over the middle of the colors to blend them into each other to create an ombre effect and cure.
  • Repeat this step one more time.
  • Draw the design with the Black Laser Gel and cure.
  • Finish with the Xtreme Matt Finishing Gel and cure.
  • Draw a line over the design with the Bronze Laser Gel and cure.

Ring finger:

  • Apply 2 layers of the colour Pearlesque and cure each layer.
  • Apply the Sapphire Gloss/Sopolish Shine and cure.