Why choose for the new natural 3-in-1 Master shades?

Are you a nail stylist who loves to work fast & thin with gel? By using the 3-in-1 Master Gel you can save up to 30 minutes per client. You can already do the math. More clients a day means more revenue for your salon!

With the new ProNails Master ‘Natural Shade Kits’, you can create these all-time-favourite nude looks faster than ever! You can make any popular Babyboomer, Soft French or other natural look with these new natural Master shades.

Discover the 3 new ‘Natural Shade Kits’


  • Master Babyboom
  • Master Pale White

To create the perfect Babyboom, you need the perfect pink and the perfect white.

In this kit you will find both these colours which blend perfectly together on the nail. When you use it as a Babyboom look, you have to focus on the perfect fading and the perfect structure at the same time.


  • Babyboom Pink
  • Pale White

For the popular French Manicure you now have more possibilities:

  • you can create an Intense French look with the thin brush of the Master French White
  • or a Soft French look with the Master Pale White

You can fade out the hard white smile line, to create a more softened look. In fact, the Master Pale White, with its wide master brush can also be used in a pale white full colour application.


  • Master Frosted Pink
  • Master Babyboom
  • Master Natural

These 3 products can be used as camouflage, builder & gloss. These camouflage gels mask imperfections on the nail plate and ensure a fresh and natural nail look.

All colours are semi-transparent, each one of them with its own natural shade. With this kit you have the right colour for every client.

More about the Master?

To master this technique perfectly we highly recommend to follow the Master workshop. During this 3 hour session you will learn to work tinner and faster. After the workshop you will receive a special code to buy the Master gels in the shop or in the webshop.

Or do you want to follow the course in your own time?

The e-learning method allows you to follow the Master course at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.
Where you want, when you want.

  E-Learning Academy 

The Master e-learning method covers different applications techniques, and several natural looks such as the Babyboom, French and more.


During this 3 hour session you will learn to work tinner and faster with the Master drop technique. This workshop if offered for free!