Discover this new innovative semi-permanent base coat for challenging nails!

The Structure Base will make sure your Sopolish semi-permanent manicure lasts longer, up to 3 weeks! Next to that, this base will offer a beautifully levelled structure. Bye bye ugly ridges! You can add some extra structure to brittle nails and even extend the nails 1 or 2 mm. Combine this base with more than intense Sopolish colours to offer perfect coverage and shine.

Not every client is fortunate enough to have beautiful strong and natural nails. Some clients have very ‘challenging nails’ making it hard to get a lasting semi-permanent colour with a nice and level result.

Thanks to this new base coat you’ll be able to help these clients so they too can enjoy a beautiful Sopolish colour on an evenly, beautifully shaped nail. You’ll be able to remove the Sopolish by using the soak-off technique, just as you would with Sopolish Start Easy Soak as a base. It will just take a bit longer than with Easy Soak, but your clients will get longer lasting nails in return!





Main benefits of Sopolish Structure Base

  • Lasts longer, up to 3 weeks
  • Levels, strengthens and adds structure
  • Short extensions are possible up to max. 2 mm
  • Soak-off removal, pay attention: the soak-off process takes longer than with Easy Soak
  • Short service time, only 30 minutes
  • Thin application possible, 5 fingers at a time

Ideal for nail biters or ‘challenging nails’:

  • Nails with deep ridges
  • Very oily nails, making adhesion difficult
  • Thin, brittle, flexible nails
  • Torn, broken nails
  • Spoon nails, flattened nails