Why a Baby Manicure?

Cuticles should be cute! Not overly present, not red and irritated, not torn or cut, just a healthy looking fine contour line for your beautifully polished nails.

Today there is a new way for professionals to offer salon clients the cuticles they’ve always dreamed off. But, as with most things in life, there are good and bad ways to do this.

The ProNails Baby Manicure is the right way: It’s safe, fast and easy and the result is absolutely stunning. It leaves the cuticles clean and fresh, making them look totally rejuvenated and soft like baby skin, without damaging the cuticles or the nails. 

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  • A rejuvenating cuticle treatment that makes cuticles look cleaner and younger.
  • Safe and painless service, without damaging the cuticles or the nails.
  • You can apply your colour much closer to the cuticle area.
  • Creates better looking salon nails. No Photoshop needed for your #Nailfie!
  • No need to switch tools for nippers and cutters.
  • Trendy salon service which attracts clients.
  • Adds value to your salon service and allows for a higher service price.

Tools for the perfect Baby Manicure


The Cuti Prep is a professional cuticle treatment that prepares the cuticles for the electric manicure, making them soft and easy to remove.


No more scissors or nippers, no more aggressively pushing back, tearing or cutting cuticles. Just specially designed bits to do the job safely and precisely.


During the ProNails Baby Manicure you’ll use the Vision Pro 700 Nail Machine to gently remove the cuticles, with bits that are specifically designed for this treatment.





During this 3 hour workshop, you will learn how to perform the perfect electric manicure treatment on every skin type.

Safety comes first !
We recommend that nail stylists never apply an electric manicure without the Baby Manicure workshop.
With the right knowledge and skills you will perform this treatment correctly and will avoid any harmful mistakes.




The Baby Manicure has another big advantage: it allows you to apply your colour much closer to the cuticle area. 

Your customers will be able to enjoy their perfectly looking nails right until their next appointment, without an overly present outgrowth.

Moreover it makes salon nails simply look better, and totally Instagram-ready

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