5 reasons why you should consider working with the Vision Pro 700 electric nail drill

The ProNails Vision Pro 700 is the silent future for electric drilling !

It lives up to its name every step of the way: the design of this device is based 100% on the vision of professional nail technicians. Vision Pro 700 will:

  • help you work faster,
  • more precise
  • and with more comfort in order to deliver a beautiful result to each client. 

Each detail of this device has been thoroughly researched in order to improve it, making that this model is no match for its competitors.

But we go even further: discover 5 reasons why you should definitely choose for electric drilling:

  • healthy work environment

  • ergonomic for you as a nail professional

  • enjoyable service

  • save time

  • one machine for everything !



The handpiece of the VP700 has an integrated suction so you will reduce dust particles in your salon.

Not only is this beneficial for the general hygiene in your salon, but most importantly for your own health. You only have one set of lungs and they are not a fan of filing dust.



When you file manually, you are constantly putting pressure on the file and you are sitting bent over your clients nails. If you do this, day in day out, you can suffer from neck-and backpain.

With the VP700 you don't have to put pressure and the handpiece is light and ergonomically designed so that you as a stylist can work in the best conditions possible. It is as soft as scooping butter.



The VP700 is powerful but silent. The handpiece has an integrated suction integrated and during filing fine dust is being eliminated as you work. You and your client won't be covered in dust.

And the VP700 is silent. This means that while this machine is filing away at 30.000 RPM you can still have a normal conversation with your client.

You can talk about what colour she wants on her nails, but also you can talk about what added treatment her nails might need. This is the perfect moment to consider retail. At this moment you have her hands in your hands, and you can examin the situation and give your professional advice.


When doing a refill, you might spend up to 30 minutes filing if you do this manually. The VP700 makes up to 30.000 rotations per minute and does the hard work for you.

In 10 minutes the work is done. That's right, you can save 20 minutes per service per client!

Even in 1 day this is a huge saving.



Are you left-handed or right-handed? Do you offer pedicures and manicures?

The VP700 can do it all. Rotation direction can be adapted to your own needs.

There's even a memory function that remembers your preferences so that you can easily share the machine in your salon and effortlessly switch back to your own settings. Even this is a time-saver. Rotation speed can be adapted to your own needs and experience level.

Be careful with over-filing of the nail !

Over-filing the nail creates a temporary flexible nail. This results in:

  • weakened nails
  • reduced nail adheasion (= lifting problems)
  • nails that bend easily
  • gel that doesn't bend with the nail
  • gel that chips or breaks
  • heat spike (because the nails are sensitive & damaged)

This is why education is important. Every machine is different and you should be aware of how to use the machine correctly without harming your clients' nails.

Bits & speeds to use

Different phases of the service require different bits. Your experience-level plays part in selecting the best rotation speed for the VP700. 


For the preparation of the natural nail: use a Sanders Fine Grid 180 at a rotationspeed of 6000 RPM.

Single use only!


Recommended bits to use on Flexi Builders: Sanders Medium Grid 120 or Sanders Rough Grid 80.

  • Rotation speed if you are a starter: 10.000 RPM
  • Rotation speed if you are experienced: 20.000 RPM


Recommended bits to use on Hard Builders: Ceramic Round Barrel XL Bit (top) and Ceramic Flame Bit Medium (bottom). Both bits are dual rotating.

  • Rotation speed if you are a starter: 10.000 RPM
  • Rotation speed if you are experienced: 15.000 RPM

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