Why should you be concerned with hygiene in your salon?

Keeping your salon in top condition and ensuring a spotless hygiene is crucial for you as a professional. Not only because it's good for your own health, but you are also making sure that your clients are serviced in the cleanest and safest possible way. 

Having a clean, tidy and hygienic salon is not only about making a good (first) impression, but it will pay off in the long run: safe and satisfied clients.

Read all these tips carefully and ensure the perfect hygiene in your salon.



It is not only about having a clean and tidy salon. As a beauty professional you also need to take great care of yourself. No matter what you do, you should always keep in mind your own personal hygiene. 

  • Wear gloves to protect your hands and eliminate possible contact with bacteria or fungus
  • Consider eliminating dust: use an electric file with integrated suction or use a dust mask to protect your lungs
  • Disinfect your own hands as well as your customer's hands

Because remaining healthy is crucial for you and your business.




  • Protects your hands while working. Hygienic and safe
  • Flexible, anti-allergic and durable material
  • Extra grip at the fingertips
  • For every skin type (also sensitive or dry skin)
  • Constantly hydrates and nurtures the skin and cuticles and relieves irritations
  • Extra skin protecting inner coating with collagen and allantoin
  • Powder free
  • Single use
  • Protects hands from used chemicals or any bacteria (complying with European Standard: EN374, the gloves offer a level 2 protection: chemicals or bacteria will not be able to penetrate through the glove to the skin)


Available in Small, Medium and Large.


Step 1

If it's possible, always let your clients wash their hands before they sit at your table. Use the ProNails Gentle Hand Soap for a hydrated and clean result. The soap is anti-bacterial, pH-neutral and moistures the skin thanks to the lactic acid. A perfect combination.

Step 2

Desinfect their hands and nails with Pro Septic.

This guarantees a clean result and ensures that bacteria have been elimininated.

Step 3

Examin your clients hands. Are you noticing something irregular? For example: gel that has lifted and caused dirt and moisture to capture underneath, causing fungus growth.

If you notice this, advice your client our Hand Care Nail Fungus Protector to take care of the problem. Inform them about the use and make sure that they stick to it, as this is not something that is resolved in a couple of days.

Specially for feet

For feet you should apply step 2 and 3.

For a perfect hygiene of feet, use the A'Septic spray. The menthol inside will also mask any unpleasant odour. 

If you notice a fungi infected nail, recommend the Foot Care Nail Fungus Protector.


Maintaining the general hygiene of your salon requires a good daily cleaning routine for all your tools and machines.
What are steps you don't want to forget?

Cleaning your files

Remove dust with the Nail Brush and generously wet the file with Clinilotion Spray. Wipe the file down with a new dry tissue. Ideally you could offer all your clients their personalised set.

!   If you notice during filing that your client has a nail fungus, dispose of the file.

Cleaning your metal tools

Remove dust with the Nail Brush and generously wet the tools with Clinilotion Spray. Wipe the tools down with a new dry tissue. 

Cleaning your bits

First remove the dust from the bits with the Nail Brush. Pour Clinilotion in a Glass Dappen Dish and immerse the heads of the bits for 10 minutes.

!  Sanders are for single use.

Cleaning your lamp

Your Smart Light also needs cleaning. You should do this with Clinilotion.

Make sure you read the manual carefully before you start cleaning the lamp for the first time.

Cleaning your electrical nail machine

Daily clean your hand piece with the special cleaning brush to remove dust and avoid clogging, change the dust bag as indicated by the machine and make sure you follow the instructions in the manual when it comes to yearly servicing your nail machine. 

Cleaning your table

Between every client you should wipe down your table and disinfect with Clinilotion. Place a new Table Protection Towel for every client. Also make sure your table is tidy and don't load it with more stuff than needed.​


And why you need both in your salon... 


  • Perfect disinfectant for tools
  • Not suitable for nails (will cause lifting)
  • Contains 70% alcohol

How to use it?​

  • Place the instruments on a dry and clean tissue and spray enough Clinilotion Spray on the instruments so that they are fully wet.
  • Turn the instruments around to do the same for the other side.
  • Then wipe the instruments with a clean dry tissue.


  • Removes moisture from nail, for better adhesion of gel
  • Perfect disinfectant for hands 
  • Contains 90% alcohol

How to use it?

  • For your own disinfection of hands: apply Pro Septic by spraying one spray per hand and let dry.
  • Hand disinfection of the client: apply Pro Septic by spraying one spray per nail and dry afterwards with a dry and clean tissue for single use.

Eliminating dust in your salon will greatly contribute to a better hygiene.

Dust gives an untidy impression to your salon. Unfortunately dust is part of your job. And you spend a lot of time in between refills, cleaning up all the dust on your working table.

Dust isn't only about particles laying arround on your table, dust is generally not good for your health. The little particles fill up the room and you end up inhaling it. Which is not good for your lungs. And remember, you should take care of your own personal hygiene and health first.

The best way to reduce dust in your salon is to invest in an electric nail drill that has a smart handpiece that will help you reduce dust. The ProNails VP700 has a suction element in its handpiece. For you as a nail professional who is daily filing away old gel during refills, this is a crucial step in improving your own personal hygiene.

There are more advantages to electrical filing.

There are more advantages to electrical filing!


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Read all the tips carefully to become a better and smarter business woman.