Choosing a job you love starts with ...

... getting the best education ! If you want to become a successful nail professional, then choosing the best possible education is what will set your future career apart from everyone else's. 

At the ProNails Academy, you’ll become a student of success, learning directly from other successful professionals. You’ll get one-on-one expert assistance in one of our 13 training centers in Belgium. You will work with the best products, learn innovative techniques and get the most complete training program.

Are you ready to take control to become a successful nail professional?
It all starts with the ProNails Basic Training.

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Why Basic Training


Do you want to become a nail technician, but you have no prior experience? Then this is the perfect training course for you. You will learn:

  • how to execute the perfect manicure,
  • how to create impeccable gel nails,
  • filing, applying colour,
  • producing an elegant French Manicure, ...

You’ll be able to do all of this in no time once you have completed this training course.


In just 48 hours of intense training, you will have learned all the essentials that you need to be a nail technician.

These lessons are spread out over a number of weeks depending of the Training Center of your choice.

Our trainings take place in fully equipped trainer centers. And you will learn from the best trainers.

Here is where you take the first step up the ladder to a professional career.


“Practice makes perfect,” and that also applies to nail technicians.

We offer you free Follow-up Courses to perfect your skills. You can come and practice for a total of 18 hours, whenever you want during the six months following your last lesson.

You can practice working more rapidly or go over some of the more difficult aspects of the basic course. Our trainers are more than happy to help you.


The moment of truth. Your final exam. Your last hurdle in your journey to success!
You get three hours to show us what you have learned:

  • the perfect French Manicure
  • an impeccable Colour gel application.

That will be a breeze for you of course. And your reward? An impressive personalised certificate: the proof of your expertise.

Congratulations and well done!



The Basic Training course € 1322,76 (VAT excl)  € of  1700,54 (VAT incl) 

€ 730,00 (course) + € 592,76 (starters pack) (VAT excl)

The basic training is the only training that will transform you into a professional nail stylist! Have you always dreamed of giving customers the most beautiful nails? Then this is the perfect course for you!

  • The first step you take is to learn all the basics of a proper manicure. How to take good care of your hands? How to recognize the most common nail diseases and - more importantly - how to treat them?
  • The focus of our training lays in learning  you to master the art of the perfect set of gel nails! At ProNails we offer many different types of gels that allow you to handle any type of nail and any wish your customer has. After these sessions you'll be able to execute following looks: Natural gel nails, French Manicure and a Full Colour set.
  • And since not everyone is blessed with perfect long nails, you'll learn how to lengthen nails using tips and forms. You'll be able to transform any nail plate using the right camouflaging technique into a true work of art. Nail biters will never be a challenge for you!
  • We will teach you how to do a fast & efficient refill for all your clients. You know that being great at this is the key to a successful business? This will be the majority of your daily business: bringing gel nails into perfect shape after 3 to 4 weeks.
  • And we don't stop at gel. Being able to offer a semi-permanent gel polish manicure will make your salon stand out. You'll learn to work with Sopolish and the specific removal methods. After this session you will be able to offer a super thin nail treatment that will never damage the natural nail.

If you want to attend the Basic Training you will need to buy the ProNails starter pack, containing all the products you need to get started as a professional nail technician. 

Yes this might seem like a lot, but we promise you: it's also a lot of fun too! 


Detailed program

This is a summary of everthing you will learn in the professional Basic Traning for Nail Stylists:

  • Session 1: Welcome & general info
  • Session 2: Manicure & nail anatomy & diseases
  • Session 3 Set with tips Natural
  • Session 4 Set with tips French Manicure
  • Session 5 Set with tips Full Colour
  • Session 6 Set with tips French Manicure
  • Session 7 Refill Full Colour
  • Session 8 Refill French Manicure
  • Session 9 Set with forms - Natural 
  • Session 10 Set with forms - Full Colour 
  • Session 11 Set with forms - French Manicure
  • Session 12 Set with forms - Camouflage (nail biters) 
  • Session 13 Refill with forms - Full Colour
  • Session 14 Refill with forms - French Manicure
  • Session 15 Sopolish Soak or Peel: Full Colour or French Manicure 
  • Session 16 Basic Training Review Questions & Answers 

Depending on your training center you will have 2 sessions per day (half day per session).
For the courses you will need a model and we ask for a warranty of €100 for the use of the Nail Hand trainer. When subscribing, you will receive more details about this.

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The Basic Training is organized only a couple of times a year in your nearest training center.

Seats are limited!

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