E-Learning Baby Manicure

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Online training to learn Electric manicure from A-Z

  • Online E-learning program about electric manicure
  • You learn how to rejuvenate and make your clients cuticles super soft in an electrical way
Good To Know

In this E-learning we will also give you extra tips & tricks to generate more income with tne Baby Manicure treatment!

  • Learn everything about the Baby Manicure in the safety & comfort of your own home, when you want, at your own pace
  • You’ll be able to perform an electric manicure
  • Learn to apply your colour much closer to the cuticle area
  • Create better salon looking nails
  • You’ll learn which bit to use for what goal and for what type of skin
  • You’ll learn the guidelines for safe electric filing
  • You’ll discover your salon benefits when performing a Baby Manicure
  • Gain € 10 to €15 extra profit on your salon service price
  • Get extra tips & tricks about how to boost your income
  • Offer a perfect electric manicure service to manicure, semi-permanent as well as gel clients
  • When completing this course you’ll receive your own Baby Manicure Certificate

Putting on really nice and tight nails without a good Electric Manicure is almost impossible. 

The ProNails Baby Manicure is a safe, fast and easy technique to perform an electric manicure and the result is absolutely stunning. It leaves the cuticles clean and fresh, making them look totally rejuvenated and soft like baby skin. Yet it doesn’t damage the cuticles or the nails in an any way. Look at it as a cuticle non-invasive face-lift if you will! 

Once you try this manicure, you’ll see the difference. It’s actually much safer and easier to trim cuticles with your electrical nail machine instead off a nipper, and for your client it will be a more comfortable and painless experience. 

The Baby Manicure allows you to apply your colour much closer to the cuticle area. It makes salon nails simply look better, and totally Instagram-ready after the salon visit!

In this BABY MANICURE E-LEARNING program you will learn all the steps & techniques to perform a safe, fast and easy electric manicure.

Above that you’ll get extra tips & tricks to generate more income with the baby Manicure!

All these topics will be explained in detail, so you will become a ProNails Certified Baby Manicure Stylist at the end of this online training:

  • Salon benefits
  • Products and tools to use
  • The 3 guidelines for safe use
  • Natural nail preparation
  • Baby Manicure steps
  • Once you’ve purchased the training, you’ll receive a mail with your login to the E-learning platform
  • Follow the e-learning at your own pace, when you want, where you want
  • Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll get your ProNails Baby Manicure Stylist Certificate

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