E-Learning Sopolish

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Online training to learn Sopolish semi permanent from A-Z

  • Online e-learning program about Sopolish semi permanent gel
  • You learn how to create Full Colour, Natural & French Manicure looks that last up to 3 weeks
Good To Know

In this e-learning we will also give you extra tips & tricks to generate more income with Sopolish!

  • Learn everything about Sopolish in the safety & comfort of your own home, when you want, at your own pace
  • You’ll be able to create Sopolish Full Colour, Natural & French Mani looks
  • You’ll learn which Sopolish Base Coat is ideal for what type of client (Easy Peel/Easy Soak/Structure Base)
  • You’ll learn how to add structure and make extensions with Sopolish Structure Base
  • Get extra tips & tricks about how to boost your income
  • Offer a perfect alternative for non-gel clients
  • When completing this course you’ll receive your own ProNails Sopolish Stylist Certificate

SOPOLISH is a unique SALON TREATMENT offering long lasting perfectly polished nails for at least 14 DAYS, even up to 3 weeks using Sopolish Structure Base. This base coat even allows you to add structure and extensions up to 2 mm.

This gel polish adds strength to the nail and gives a long lasting gel-like shine. It is applied just like regular nail polish, but has to be cured in a LED lamp, such as the ProNails Smart Light. It cures superfast and is easily removed thanks to the PEEL-OFF or SOAK-OFF technique without damaging the natural nail. No buffing, no drilling, no filing, and with the utmost respect for the natural nail! 

In this SOPOLISH E-LEARNING program you will learn all the steps & techniques to create Full Colour, Natural & French Manicure looks with Sopolish.

Above that you’ll get extra tips & tricks to generate more income with Sopolish!

All these topics will be explained in detail, so you will become a ProNails Certified Sopolish Stylist at the end of this online training:

  • Who is Sopolish for?
  • What is Sopolish?
  • Sopolish Systems
  • Sopolish Superior Colour Formula
  • Sopolish Finish
  • Sopolish Treatment Price
  • Sopolish Applications
  • Easy Peel Application
  • Easy Soak Application
  • Structure Base Application
  • Sopolish French Manicure
  • Extra Cross Selling with Sopolish
  • Once you’ve purchased the training, you’ll receive a mail with your login to the e-learning platform
  • Follow the e-learning at your own pace, when you want, where you want
  • Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll get your ProNails Sopolish Stylist Certificate

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