Master Frosted Pink LED/UV Gel 14 ml

Ref 29612
Become MASTER of your own time!
  • 3-in-1 Gel with a semi-transparent soft pink colour
  • Time saving: up to 30 min per client
Why you love it
Gives an impeccable shine after curing!
  • Save time using the ProNails Master Drop application technique
  • 4 finger curing & no need for filing after curing
  • Very strong nail adhesion
  • No product waste thanks to the integrated brush
  • Time-saving: up to 30 min per client
The Master Frosted Pink is a semi-transparent Base, Hard Builder and Gloss in one. It has a very strong nail adhesion were no filing is required. This gel is very self-leveling and it saves time up to 30 minutes per client. Perfect for extensions. It covers the imperfections in a natural way, giving you the perfect french smile. Also suitable for a natural look and colour look.
  • Work 4 fingers at a time
  • Use to cover imperfections of the French Smile line
  • Or as a natural full colour look
  • Cure 30sec SOFT in the Smart light
  • No need for filing after curing
  • No need for a gloss!

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