French White Gel 15 ml

Ref 31433

French manicure, a timeless trend tha's here to stay!

  • Cream-coloured natural white colour
  • Also used for building French extensions
Why you love it

You can directly build French extensions on forms and file to perfection.


  • For all nail types
  • Direct building of French extension on forms
  • Can be filed to perfection
  • Thick texture, not self-levelling
  • Four finger curing
  • For experienced nail stylists

French Manicure is a classic that’s here to stay! Trends however change from season to season within the French Manicure styles. Long or short, very pronounced white to very subtle pearly and babyboom. The Perfection UV Gel French White is an ideal gel for building French extenions directly on forms. After curing you can file the nail to perfection. This gel has a natural white clour and it's thicker and does not self-level. This gel is suited for experienced nail stylists. All French Manicure gels cure 30 sec Full in the new ProNails Smart Light.

  • Apply a layer on the tip of the nail.
  • Cure for 30sec FULL in the ProNails Smart Light.
  • Work four finger & thumb seperately.
  • File to perfect the nail.

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