Sopolish Discover Pack

Ref 29462

Discover the N°1 semi-permanent products! Now with -45% discount!

  • Sopolish Cleanse - Sopolish Easy-Peel - Sopolish Easy-Soak - Sopolish Structure Base 
  • 2 Sopolish Colours & Sopolish Shine
Good To Know

You get the Sopolish E-learning for FREE, worth € 95, when buying this kit. During this online training you will learn how to get started with Sopolish semi permanent gel polish, all application & removal methods will be teached and after watching all tutorials you will be able to create stunning Sopolish Full Colour, Natural & French Mani looks yourself.

  • Semi-permanent manicure that lasts up to 3 weeks
  • Protects the natural nail
  • Easy application and removal (Peel-Off or Soak-Off) without nail damage
  • Even structure & extensions are possible
  • Pack contains everything you need for a perfect semi-permanent manicure

Sopolish is the N°1 semi-permanent treatment. The mani- or pedicure lasts for up to 3 weeks and is suitable for all nail types without harming the natural nail. You choose the Easy Soak or Easy Peel method. With Sopolish, even extensions and constructions are possible!

Want to know more about our Sopolish treatment? Follow the SOPOLISH E-learning, which is for FREE when buying this Discover Kit. After purchase you will receive a mail that gives you access to the online course.

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